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Re: Live recording

deloptes <deloptes@gmail.com> writes:

> Rodolfo Medina wrote:
>> Please, could you explain that?  Suppose I have two usb audio cards, one
>> for each microphone.  Will they be plugged together into the usb port of
>> the PC?
> It might be also PCI card but you said you have a notebook.
> You plug them to the pc and you get two separate mic inputs. Now use some
> utility like jack (I haven't played with it for years) or something else to
> assign the inputs to L/R line in or perhaps Audacity offers a mapping of
> input to output as well.
> Consider the data volume - perhaps USB 3 will give you better results.

I started with one microphone: I bought an external USB audio card and plugged
into the USB port of my computer.  Then I plugged the microphone into the `mic'
input of the card and started Audacity.  From the main menu, I selected the
`USB PnP Sound Device' as recording device, pressed the red button, spoke into
the mic but no sound is recorded: not even the usual wave forms are shown.
Neither with socks nor arecord can I record my voice from that USB card.  Any



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