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Re: Live recording

On 08/07/17 00:18, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
I started with one microphone: I bought an external USB audio card and plugged
into the USB port of my computer.  Then I plugged the microphone into the `mic'
input of the card and started Audacity.  From the main menu, I selected the
`USB PnP Sound Device' as recording device, pressed the red button, spoke into
the mic but no sound is recorded: not even the usual wave forms are shown.
Neither with socks nor arecord can I record my voice from that USB card.  Any

Audacity is doing what you told it to do -- record from the USB audio interface device. Plug your microphone into that.

It looks like Audacity can record all the input channels from one device, but not multiple channels from multiple devices (e.g. built-in sound card plus USB audio interface):



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