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Re: Live recording

Rodolfo Medina wrote:

> Rodolfo Medina <rodolfo.medina@gmail.com> writes:
>> What I want to do is recording live piano: I'd like to use two mics for
>> that,
>> one on the grave and the other one on the high notes.  Besides, some
>> times I will need to add human voice: this requires, in my idea, a third
>> microphone...  But even starting with two would be all right for now...
>> Those recordings would not pretend to be professional, just home made for
>> my personal tests, but stereo.
> Thanks all for the abundant information and suggestions of possible
> solutions. As much as I can understand, the simplest solution for me to
> live recording with several microphones is to buy a - say - 6 channel
> mixer and plug it into the line-in PC entry...
> Rodolfo

The simplest way is to use external mixer, but look forward to get one with
the inputs for low/high impedance (input for mic and line) for each
channel. Some simple mixers have only 1-2 low (mic) inputs and more high
inputs. The mic inputs on the mixer are 3 contacts/wires. The line inputs
are 2 or could be 3 - stereo. Here for example

You could however go the cheep way and play with multiple usb/pci audio
cards, jack and free audio software
If you want to experiment with linux and audio recording, you could look for
a supported multichannel audiocards and play with jack or audacity or some
other free software which will spare the external mixer. 

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