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Re: Poor X performance with Intel 8086:22b1 (Braswell)

I was just wondering if you could confirm that I am now using the intel driver, I dont know how to check this in my Xorg log. I am still having an issue I do believe pertains to Gnome. The Applications menu in Gnome Classic is sluggish at best, as I described before, moving the mouse around it starts to dramatically increase cpu use, if I am playing a video and then go to this menu, the video starts freezing. Also, my scrolling is still not as smooth as it is in Windows (sorry for this comparison, but it is what I have). Or, for example, the Gnome animations upon closing or opening a window or in the Desktop Overview, are not smooth. I believe I still dont have the best graphics configuration and would like more help. I have pasted my Xorg.log here https://paste.debian.net/955691
thanks a lot,

On Sat, May 27, 2017, at 10:12 AM, Anil Duggirala wrote:
Hello, I am looking at 2 new threads in my Inbox, which one are we going to follow ??
I pasted my new Xorg.log here https://paste.debian.net/945756
The situation has definitely improved,
In my previous post  (in the other thread) I used the word completely, because I was missing the cp command. I checked to see if there was an xorg.conf file there, there wasnt, so I went ahead and copied.
thanks a lot guys, I appreciate it,

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