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Re: Poor X performance with Intel 8086:22b1 (Braswell) (was: Oh no something has gone wrong! after...)

> However, in https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2017/05/msg00767.html he
> provided a pastebin (now expired) of Xorg.0.log that reported the
> modeset(0)
> driver in use.
> https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2017/05/msg00781.html explained how
> he
> could try configuring use of the Intel driver. 

Hi. thanks, I have followed those instructions completely now and the
situation improved notably, scrolling my Inbox and in LibreOffice is
better. I also noticed that right after logging in, previously the
screen would show the black terminal screen (again) while loading the
desktop, now I see a prettier gray Gnome background at that time. 
I have also uninstalled Mate (uninstalled all packages with "mate"
string in them), it seemed to make things (graphics) worst, and also
choosing an item from Places in the top bar in Gnome Classic would open
Caja instead of Files, it also made the Applications menu notably
slower. Should I take any other steps at completely removing Mate??
I dont know if my graphics are perfect now, but at least I can work
nicely in my PC now. Isnt using the Intel driver usually a better option
than using another?? I really need to learn about this (modeset) things
to be able to figure out what driver I am using.
thanks a lot,

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