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Re: Oh no something has gone wrong! after reinstalling Debian and Gnome.

On 05/26/2017 06:40 PM, Anil Duggirala wrote:
> On Fri, May 26, 2017, at 06:18 PM, Michael Milliman wrote:
>> Now means that 4.9+79 is what is now installed on your system.  4.9+80
>> is available from the testing distribution, so that would mean that you
>> have the testing distribution mentioned in your sources.list file in
>> /etc/apt.
> I had just figured that out. In my sources.list I have deb entries with
> "stretch", not "testing", when Stretch is released as stable, will I
> remain in Stretch and not continue getting the Testing packages ?(that
> is what I want)

Stretch and testing are the same thing, right now.  However, you are
correct, when Stretch becomes the stable release, with stretch in your
sources.list file, you will remain on Stretch.  This sounds like what
you want, so all is good.

>> This is not the problem, and given the totality of the
>> situation, I would not upgrade to the newer kernel.  
> Too late. Since it was being proposed I did make the upgrade, I cant say
> for sure but no changes appear to have happened, maybe its taking longer
> for the initial load of the graphical interface in general (login and
> desktop), but cant be sure.
OK, Well, the change from 4.9+79 to 4.9+80 shouldn't cause any
additional concerns.  I, being a technical troubleshooting kind of
person (I do a lot of electronic troubleshooting), tend toward making
the fewest possible changes when I'm debugging something so as not to
cause any additional problems which might confuse the issue.

> I appreciate your help and support, I really want Debian to work for me,
> I bought an Asus laptop because I thought they had better support in
> linux, they ship some of their PCs with linux (actually their EEEpc
> originally ONLY shipped with a modification of Debian)
> As another symptom I have now is for example, scrolling down or up on a
> simple Libreoffice (docx) document is not smooth, it appears to be a
> purely graphical issue, not something beyond that in terms of
> processing, but I can be sure.
> I have tried installing Mate, really I dont see a lot of difference at
> all with regard to any of my issues, actually I have a problem in Mate,
> it will not load the desktop background image and it is stuck in black.
Yes, I have the same problem (see the thread Desktop Background Bites
The Dust).  This is a known problem with the Stretch distribution.
There is an upstream fix (upstream being the people who actually develop
the mate desktop, as opposed to the people that maintain the Debian
repositories and that package within Debian).  The upstream fix is to
install caja version 1.16.3.  This version of caja hasn't made its way
into the Debian repositories yet (1.16.2 is currently available).  There
is a bug already filed against this problem, and I'm sure the Debian
maintainers will take the appropriate steps to fix the problem.

Please see the aforementioned thread, as there is a workaround using the
feh package (which has resulted in some interesting controversy in that
thread).  I am currently using feh to fix the problem, but plan to ditch
that package as soon as the problem is resolved.

> thanks again,

WB5VQX -- The Very Quick X-ray

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