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Re: How stable is the frozen stretch?

Fungi4All wrote:

> The best thing about manjaro is that it is not ubuntu (which is like
> Debian in drag without a personality) and I don't dare even look at
> someone's machine that mentions mint. Ubuntu to me is like a Porsche 914,
> a VW beatle mascaraded into a sports car. I'll just go with Fiat for now
> and keep debian as a challenging sport for the weekend.

Perhaps you've missed the KDE3 series - which is now TDE. All you are
talking about is ubuntu and Gnome - which IMO are not meant to be friendly
when it comes to changing things. You can of course learn all the details
how you proceed with them, but is it really necessary? I gave up years ago
on them.

I think LXDE is also based on Gnome, but not sure.

I also think we are going off topic now.


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