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Re: Installing newer kernels

On 2016-03-18, Stefan Monnier <monnier@iro.umontreal.ca> wrote:
>> I agree. The dist upgrade was problematic and I finally had to wipe the root
>> partition for a clean install. Thankfully, from my Caldera days, I use /opt
> Hmm.. just to give a counter-point, almost all my current Debian
> installs are the result of a stream of upgrades+clones from the first
> install I performed, back in 2006.

I have never had a failed dist-upgrade. Of course, you gotta follow the
goddamn directions, do about five or ten minutes of reading of the
appropriate material, which isn't too much to ask I wouldn't think. 

This wipe business strikes me as vaguely scatological.  Clean and
cruftless and wiped (and do they wash their hands fifty times a day
too, just to be impeccable)? 

>         Stefan

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