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Re: Every opportunity taken (Was: Does anyone know how to configure a Brother MFC...)

Den 15. mars 2016 21:38, skrev deloptes:
I agree with you more or less, however languages like python or perl open doors to pretend-to-be-programmers. I've seen more often bad python/perl code than c/c++. My observations are also that there is always a penalty, even if you compile the script code into binary. So if something has to be robust and fast, one should always prefer c/c++. But this is really out of topic here. regards

I have been working a lot with C++ for the latest 20 years. I have many friends specializing in C++ in big companies. Interestingly, they claim that recruiters wanting Java programmers, often try to hunt down C++ programmers that are willing to convert - because they believe C++ programmers in general are smarter than Java programmers. I can't comment on that. I don't really know any smart Java developers :)


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