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Re: Every opportunity taken (Was: Does anyone know how to configure a Brother MFC...)

Adam Wilson wrote:

>> I agree with you more or less, however languages like python or perl
>> open doors to pretend-to-be-programmers. I've seen more often bad
>> python/perl code than c/c++.
> C/C++ arrogance at its best! I could maybe understand it if you called
> C# or Java users pretend-to-be-programmers, but Python, and especially
> Perl, really aren't as bad or as threatening as you make them out to be.

No, not at all. I love perl. I tried learning python and can do a lot with
it for practical reasons. I don't care and do not have any preference.
Whatever is needed I do it according the requirements. It's just business. 
I just shared my observations. Younger developers pretend to know much and
write sh*t code. A lot of India guys as well :D

>> My observations are also that there is always a penalty, even if you
>> compile the script code into binary. So if something has to be robust
>> and fast, one should always prefer c/c++.  But this is really out of
>> topic here.
> And if Python or Perl are more suited to the task at hand, by all means
> use them!

Yes in some cases they are preferable. My point was if you tolerate it, you
end up sorting out newbies mess - KDE mainstream is a good example of that
(and so are many other projects)

We used python for prototyping and then one came up with the idea to
compile, sign and sell the binary code - works great.

> P.S. What's wrong with OT? OT is fun!

My intention was to end up the discussion :)

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