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Re: Every opportunity taken (Was: Does anyone know how to configure a Brother MFC...)

Martin Read wrote:

> On 15/03/16 07:45, deloptes wrote:
>> I see recently more python code written than real C/C++.
> So what? Most programs *shouldn't* be written in C or C++, and I say
> this as someone who loves C and C++ and reaches for one of them by
> default as the language for solving computing problems. (Unless they
> involve substantial quantities of text manipulation, in which case I
> reach for Perl because neither C nor C++ have even *remotely*
> satisfactory capabilities in that regard.)
> There are specific circumstances in which a low/medium-level systems
> programming language like C or C++ is the right choice for implementing
> solutions to a computing problem. I submit that *most* programs are not
> subject to those circumstances, and thus there are better languages for
> implementing most programs.
> Python is probably the right language less often than people use it, but
> for most jobs people do with it, C or C++ would be just as wrong a
> choice, if not more so.

I agree with you more or less, however languages like python or perl open
doors to pretend-to-be-programmers. I've seen more often bad python/perl
code than c/c++.
My observations are also that there is always a penalty, even if you compile
the script code into binary. So if something has to be robust and fast, one
should always prefer c/c++.  But this is really out of topic here.


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