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[OT] Questions, was Re: Sound problems

On Thu 17 Mar 2016 at 17:49:10 (+0000), Curt wrote:
> On 2016-03-17, Ric Moore <wayward4now@gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > The only stupid question is one not asked, Anyone is free to respond or 
> > not respond, as long as the question is asked following the norms. Ric
> >
> The only stupid question is one not asked?


> Hypertext--or should I say the ideology of hypertext?--is ultrademocratic and
> so entirely in harmony with the demagogic appeals to cultural democracy that
> accompany (and distract one’s attention from) the ever-tightening grip of 
> plutocratic capitalism. - Susan Sontag

I remember, back in the days when "programmed learning" was new,
picking up a novel where the chapters were designed to be read
in the order of the reader's own choosing. (Reader's rather than
readers'---I'm sure only the proof-reader ever read the entire book.)
Having flicked through it, my only decision if I bought it would be
to decide, after pulling it apart into its signatures, in which order
to use them as firelighters :)


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