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Re: Sound problems

deloptes composed on 2016-03-17 09:50 (UTC+0100):

Felix Miata wrote:

deloptes composed on 2016-03-17 0:05 (UTC+0100):

Why should it be related to TDE? I do not think your statement is
rectified here. However I did not test anything else.

I only mentioned TDE because I know Lisi uses it.

Yes, but you are on a public list

This isn't a public questions, private responses list, in spite of list conformance with idiotic RFC 2822 do-not-munge policy. Private responses do not get any benefit from peer review, nor show up in archive searches, where they can benefit others than the OPs, among other reasons munging FOSS user mailing lists makes more sense than not.


and your comment is of no favor to TDE,  neither it is related to TDE in any way.

Lisi, the OP, is a TDE user with a $SUBJECT, as am I. Thus, our problems could very well have a common FOSS root and/or FOSS solution to be assisted in determining by some other FOSS list reader. This thread's OP even took the trouble to say thank you for my reply.
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