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Re: flash? [OT]

On 2016-03-17, Adam Wilson <moxalt@riseup.net> wrote:
>> Last time I  tried it my YouTube videos refused to play. If it will
>> work now, then I can be flash-free, Ric
> YouTube doesn't need Flash at all anymore. All you need is a reasonably
> modern browser, for which Iceweasel does the trick.

That's right; I've disabled flash and am served HTML5 in Firefox 45
(release version from Wheezy backports) on YouTube. On Squeeze I didn't
have sound with my HTML5 video, which diminished the appeal of the
latter somewhat, but since my recent upgrade to Wheezy (cough, my wife's
asthmatic) the pulse audio applet provided by my new-fangled Gnome 3
(which DE I like BTW, glad I didn't listen to all the naysayers
who nearly inspired me to expunge Gnome 2 before upgrading) allowed me
to resolve the problem easy as pie.

Hypertext--or should I say the ideology of hypertext?--is ultrademocratic and
so entirely in harmony with the demagogic appeals to cultural democracy that
accompany (and distract one’s attention from) the ever-tightening grip of 
plutocratic capitalism. - Susan Sontag

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