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Re: gufw problem

On Tue, 2015-12-08 at 23:27 -0500, Jape Person wrote:
> > BTW, I really think that "blocking" line in the desktop.gufw was
> > deliberate.  I think they knew exactly what they were doing.
> > 
> Yes, of course. That line didn't write itself. I think it's really
> odd, 
> too, but I'm sure that whoever is responsible for it thought that
> there 
> was a good reason.
> The package was actually developed under Ubuntu, if I remember 
> correctly. Maybe there was a difference in the way menus are handled 
> under the various desktop environments in Debian and Ubuntu. I
> wouldn't 
> know. The last time I touched Ubuntu was a long time before Unity
> came 
> along.

That line is not really so mysterious. It's quite common for an
application made for, say GNOME, to have OnlyShowIn=GNOME if there is a
similar application in other desktop environments.

In this case it's probably just a leftover from the defaults in Ubuntu,
in a package that seems to be badly in need of some love from the

Sven Arvidsson

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