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Re: gufw problem

On 12/08/2015 04:57 PM, Francis Gerund wrote:

I just installed Debian 8.2, 64-bit, Gnome desktop, using the
netinst.iso.  Used Synaptic to install Gufw (and ufw as dependency).
Ufw works fine.

But gufw does not show in the application menu or in the favories menu
of Gnome.  The only way to run it seems to be in Gnome terminal (non-login):

         gksudo /usr/bin/gufw

I can confirm that gufw doesn't show in the menu on Xfce, also. So at least one other desktop environment is affected.

I hadn't noticed. Installed it on a friend's system so she'd have a reasonably easy-to-use control for ufw. I only ever start gui apps with a launcher, so I didn't notice gufw's absence from the menu until I read your message and checked it out on her system. This is on a testing system, so problem hasn't been fixed yet.

But even then, as soon as the password dialog window pops up, the
terminal is showing this:

         Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"

But I do have libcanberra-gtk3-module, and several other libcanberra
components installed.  So, rather than messing up my system completely,
has anyone else  had this problem, and what is the correct way to solve it?

(Please don't say, "ufw is working, so what's the problem?")

What happens if you just use a launcher to launch gufw and then click on the Unlock button on the application -- assuming that it comes up?

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