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Re: gufw problem


Thank you, Jape.  This was the answer:
I guess I'm going to have to learn to hunt down (and to read) bug reports.  Ugh!

Just editing the desktop.gufw file to comment out the offending (and offensive!) line fixed it. 
It now shows up (and works) in the "Favorites" bar and the application menu,  and I was even able to add it to the "classic" applications menu in the Gnome 3 "classic" desktop view. 

So it works in Gnome 3.  Perhaps in XFCE there is a similar configuration file that could be edited the same way (I don't use XFCE, so I don't know).

BTW, I really think that "blocking" line in the desktop.gufw was deliberate.  I think they knew exactly what they were doing. 

Thanks again to all for the help.

On Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 9:46 PM, Jape Person <japers@comcast.net> wrote:
On 12/08/2015 09:20 PM, Francis Gerund wrote:
I am using the Gnome 3 "classic" desktop.

When I push the mouser pointer up into the hot-spot in the upper left
corner of the screen, a (sort of) oval pops up containing a magnifying
glass icon and the words "Type to search . . . ".  If I type in "gufw",
it just bluntly says "No results.".

But if I do ALT-F2, a window pops up saying "Enter a command".  If I
type in "gufw" there, Gufw starts up, and seems to work.

So, yes - it does start that way.

Glad to hear it.

Now, as to:
"What's wrong with just using a launcher anyway, if it comes up that way?",
maybe I am just autistic.  It just bothers me when things don't work

I guess it just goes to show that for a lot of developers, it is more
fun to devise new "features" that "sort of" work than to fix errors and


Check out this bug report:


There's a possible solution. Apparently the application's .desktop file has an entry in it that prevents it from showing in any desktop environment except Unity.

It's actually a "feature"??? How odd.

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