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Re: A stop job is running for...

On 12/05/2015 01:21 AM, Himanshu Shekhar wrote:
Well, Google shall help! The two articles seem much technical for a kid
like me. Still, the content made me feel that there shall be something
convincing, which is why I posted it on this mail.

          # for NTP

This post supplies two "fixes" for the NTP problem, but only by not allowing the service to start in the first place, or by doing what has been suggested earlier in the thread -- forcing the system to shut down without waiting. I do want my systems to benefit from syncrhonization with time sources. And the purpose of all of the discussion is to actually find out what's wrong with what component(s) of the system that's causing the problem in the first place.

2. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1044602
                     # for CUPS

I actually posted that link earlier in the thread in my reply of 12/02 to Don Armstrong. The indication is that CUPS was interacting with the avahi daemon both directly and indirectly (via systemd configuration). Especially if the problem is caused by the direct interaction, there's not much of anything that an end user could do to fix the problem -- except report it. And that would require a lot of work to figure out what really is the culprit. That's something that's well beyond my skill level, but Michael Biebl had been pursuing the matter offline by providing the monkey (me) with step-by-step instructions to help him suss out the issues.

Unfortunately, I have discovered a separate interfering issue on my systems which may have muddied the waters. I'm not sure whether or not Michael will be continuing to work on my particular problem since eliminating the interfering issue has essentially fixed both the CUPS and NTP problems for me.

The message may be irrelevant due to lack of knowledge. So you may
ignore it if it is so.

Himanshu Shekhar

Not at all. I appreciate your interest, and I would certainly not ignore you. I intend to report back with the findings in my particular case when I know a little more.

In the meantime, we should remember that others have reported the same issue with CUPS and NTP. I suspect that those others are unlikely (IMO) to be running systems with the same configuration as mine. So the problem with CUPS and NTP vs. systemd is probably real -- even if it might only be a corner case.


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