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Re: A stop job is running for...

On Wed 02 Dec 2015 at 16:59:23 (-0600), Don Armstrong wrote:
> On Wed, 02 Dec 2015, Jape Person wrote:
> > It's occurred to me that, though I have occasionally seen service
> > shutown issues with sysv-init, they were never as pervasive or
> > repetitve as it has been since switching to systemd as the init
> > system.
> This is generally because sysv-init tends to not pay attention to
> whether a particular service has actually stopped. Many init scripts
> just send an appropriate signal, hope for the best, and return control.
> If your goal is just to shutdown the system regardless of what is
> actually going on, that's great... but if you value your data, that's
> not really a workable solution.

Which data do you mean? By the time I instigate a shutdown, I've saved
my data and, if at home, copied to my server. So I'm hoping that's safe.

By the time these Stop jobs start running, there are just system
processes running. I don't really care about them as long as the
filesystems get unmounted. Almost anything is better than a forced
poweroff followed by fscking saying things at the next boot.

> That said, most of these cases are bugs, not really cases where the
> daemon is actually doing something; reporting the bugs when you run into
> them will help them get fixed.

At the time I had the timeout-increasing problem, I was still focussed
on getting Start jobs to succeed, particularly when the kernel
"forgot" to load binfmt_misc (for help on which, I thank you again).


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