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A stop job is running for...

Make remote CUPS printers available locally
Network Time Synchronization

For several weeks I've been seeing this stop job notification for these two items frequently when rebooting or shutting down two of my four testing systems.

The first notification counts all the way up to 1 min 30 sec before the shutdown scroll restarts. The second notification only counts for a few seconds before terminating.

I'm a patient guy, but adding almost two minutes to almost every restart or shutdown procedure gets a bit tedious after a while.

This is a small home network with 4 systems running Debian Stretch and two printers. One printer is attached via USB to one of the Stretch systems showing the error. It is shared on the network. The other printer is a network MFP attached via CAT5e to the router.

The two Stretch systems which show this behavior are both used directly through the desktop environment. The other two PCs are only accessed ordinarily via SSH, and I have not seen them display the notification. (They sit near my workstation, and I can watch their screens when rebooting or shutting them down.)

The systems use Xfce DE and LightDM. The USB printer was set up using CUPS. The network MFP was installed using the hp-setup utility from hplip. Both printers are installed on all four systems.

The only possibly related hit when searching -- interestingly enough -- concerned cups-bsd in the MacOS and the HP LaserJet 1300 printer from a few years ago. An HP LaserJet 1300 happens to be the USB-attached printer on this network. The only advice offered to fix the problem was to restart the computer and the printer. I didn't think that would fix the issue, and it didn't.

I found nothing pertinent in the Debian bug tracker on the cups-bsd package.

Suggestions, anyone?

I'm grateful for your time and any ideas you might provide.

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