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Re: A stop job is running for...

On Wed, 02 Dec 2015, Jape Person wrote:
> It's occurred to me that, though I have occasionally seen service
> shutown issues with sysv-init, they were never as pervasive or
> repetitve as it has been since switching to systemd as the init
> system.

This is generally because sysv-init tends to not pay attention to
whether a particular service has actually stopped. Many init scripts
just send an appropriate signal, hope for the best, and return control.
If your goal is just to shutdown the system regardless of what is
actually going on, that's great... but if you value your data, that's
not really a workable solution.

That said, most of these cases are bugs, not really cases where the
daemon is actually doing something; reporting the bugs when you run into
them will help them get fixed.

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