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Re: Boxed W8/W10 PC; must anything be done, first, to enable dual-bootable later?

On 26/09/2015 17:53, Pascal Hambourg wrote:

If you boot Windows, open the device manager and select "display by
connection" (or so), can you see the device chain up to the disk ?

Hehe. Pascal, this is before Windows has ever run; my objective is to image the SDD HD *before* I run Windows for the very first time, stabilise it, shrink it, and install Debian.

I'm at stage 1; getting a Debian running with which I can dd the SDD HD to a fresh, large, USB stick. I've got Debian, and dd, but I don't seem to have an SSD HD right now. :)

I'm going to try to post the lspci output in full, anyway, as soon as I can get it off the (non-networked) machine.


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