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Re: Boxed W8/W10 PC; must anything be done, first, to enable dual-bootable later?

On 26/09/2015 16:40, Pascal Hambourg wrote:

Does "lspci -nnk" show any SATA/IDE/AHCI/RAID controller and associated
kernel module ?

I think so. The machine is not networked, but redirecting the output to /home lets me view the file, and I see:

SD host controller Intel .. MIPI-HSI controller [8086:0f50]
Subsystem HP company device [103c:8023]
Kernel driver: sdhci-pci

Encryption controller Intel .. SEC [8086:0f18]
Subsystem HP company device [103c:8023]
  no  kernel  driver
(my entry, there is no line here describing kernel driver)

Last three HW subsystems also do not have a driver:
ISA bridge Power Control Unit
SMBus Controller
Broadcom BCM43142 wifi

Looking back at the encryption hardware, are the Windows 8.1 SDDs encrypted? Or is that HW used only for video DRM etc?

regards, Ron

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