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Re: Boxed W8/W10 PC; must anything be done, first, to enable dual-bootable later?

On Saturday 19 September 2015 11:43:11 Ron Leach wrote:
> List, good morning, I have purchased a Windows 8.1 (optional W10)
> notebook and I wondered what, if anything, I ought to do *first*
> before letting Windows start after first switch-on, and then also
> installing Debian to make a dual boot system.  I have installed Debian
> to dual boot on several Windows laptops in the past but have never
> installed on UEFI, nor side by side with W8.1 or W10.  I do need to
> continue to be able to also boot to Windows for work purposes.

First of all I'd do a complete disk image with e.g. Clonezilla.

Just my 2 cents
Best regards

Eike Lantzsch ZP6CGE

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