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Re: How to disable automatic mounting of CDROM?

Brian wrote:
On Sat 26 Sep 2015 at 09:13:27 -0500, Richard Owlett wrote:

I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem.
That Jessie (and IIRC Squeeze) automatically mount the cdrom drive every
time the drawer is closed is a nuisance requiring to manually run umount
before I can proceed.

/etc/fstab has noauto under options.

Probably nothing to do with your problem. From fstab(5)

   noauto do not mount when "mount -a" is given (e.g., at boot time)

Where else should I look.
I would prefer to disable on a per session basis.
Total disabling is acceptable.

Automounting is usually handled by the file manager of whatever DE you
are using.

I'm using Debian 8.0 with Mate as DE. There have been no updates installed as internet is not physically available to that machine.

I went to
Applications->System Tools->Caja then to
Edit->Preferences which displayed "File Management Preferences"
chose Media
  selected "Never prompt or start program on media insertion"
  deselected "Browse media when inserted"

It still mounts everything :<

Anything else?

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