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Re: Book questions

On 12/04/15 17:34, David Wright wrote:
Quoting Iain M Conochie (iain@thargoid.co.uk):
IMHO, the issues with perl and python is that you will have to
understand Object Orientated Programming (OOP) to get the most out
of them, especially for GUI development. This was one of the reasons
I drew a blank with perl. This may or may not be the case. Brett,
any opinion on this?
Oh gosh, I wouldn't just rely on the advice of one or two people here
to make your decision. If you type any of   perl vs   or   python vs
or   ruby vs   into google and see the suggestions, then click on a
few of them and you will find a lot of knowledgeable discussion of the
issues (amongst a wealth of prejudices, of course).

If the programs/tools you want to write have GUIs, then you're not
going to avoid OOP so that's not really an issue.

OOP is a big issue for me :)
  However,it might
help to see if the way languages handle objects seems natural to
you. And really, that's the case for the languages themselves...what
fits you best. There's also something to be said for seeing what other
people in your field are using as you may want to call upon this
community to help solve problems you run into.
Sad as it may seem, I am on my own in this. Hence trying to solicit other opinions on this matter, of which yours is most welcome.

BTW do check the dates of any discussion. These languages are still
actively evolving so opinions date, and change. My recollections of
Perl are from 20th century perl4 and consequently inconsequential:
OOP came with perl5. And perl6 is round the corner (but has been for
a decade). I'm ignorant of Ruby, which is seen as another horse in
this stable (procedural scripting; far from C).
From a sysadmin point of view (and this is probably about 4-5 years out of date) ruby is horrible. A bigger memory hog than java, and it seemed like a passing fad.

My hate / love / hate of perl (and probably OOP) comes from a long winter of learning the perl by building an auto-updating website, then I wanted to add the data into a mysql DB and finding myself lost and not being able to do what I wanted to do. This was perl 5.0.4 (which probably gives my age away ;) However, it recently came through for me and I was able to use it to build a shell script.

Also bear in mind that while books are fine for learning from, and
consolidating your knowledge, once you start seriously using any
language the web resources will be essential because most books in
this area are out of date before they're even published.
Ahh - a beautiful statement, and music to my ears. I am sadly lacking in a formal education in computer science, but the internet is my tutor, and I have learned exactly what I need to learn. No more but probably a bit less.


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