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Re: Book questions

On 10/04/15 15:28, Alexis wrote:

Iain M Conochie <iain@thargoid.co.uk> writes:

As has been stated elsewhere in this thread, K&R The C Programming Language is *the* reference text, so well worth it.

i must say i'm hesitant to simply use the phrase "reference text" to refer to K&R, as it's not just a reference in the same way that, say, the Common Lisp HyperSpec is; it's also one of the best introductory expositions of a programming language i've yet read.

Fair enough, I guess calling it the bible of C programming is going too far ;)

Having said that, one thing i always felt was sorely lacking in K&R was a more thorough description of pointers. However, i feel that issue has now been addressed by Richard Reese's excellent "Understanding and Using C Pointers":



Not to mention security as well - there is even a possible integer overflow in one of the examples! To be fair, I am not too sure how much of the security implications of C were known in 1988.


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