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Re: Flash problems

On 12/16/2014 11:23 AM, Curt wrote:
On 2014-12-16, Jape Person <japers@comcast.net> wrote:

Heh. I'd take gnash right now.

I'd take it too, if it worked properly.

I just can't bring myself to install the nonfree flash. (I've had a hard
enough time convincing myself that it's okay to install non-free drivers
and the BIOS firmware update packages.)

Well, I guess my moral standards are lower than yours (or something).

Tee-hee. I doubt it has anything to do with moral standards. Probably you're less paranoid than I am. Also, I had a ton of problems supporting Adobe software before I retired from publishing industry, and I just decided to wash my hands of anything related to them.

Gnash disappeared from testing a little while ago, and the lightspark
plugin doesn't play anything, anywhere, ever for me.

Makes me happy that html5 is beginning to catch on.

I'm all for html5.

I agree that gnash was pretty frumpy, but I could at least play videos
at youtube. Not sure what folks using Jessie are supposed to do for
flash besides go nonfree.

I need to be able to explore the time-machine of American culture that
is youtube with ease and fluidity, in that typically associative way
that is the hallmark of web surfing. Gnash didn't give me that
experience the last time I looked.

No question that gnash was always a bumpy ride at best. Guess that's why it finally got ditched.

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