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Re: 9p/plumber to replace D-Bus?

Le 12.12.2014 16:46, Joel Rees a écrit :
I did say it was not the dbus you download from freedesktop.org [5],
didn't I? ;-/


My understanding is that it is not just a port. Re-written from
scratch, I think. Stuff that just tries to be a lazy man's sockets
largely left out, I think.

I would be more interested to take a look at the alternative's code, than than to the original's. The few tools'code I've seen of same tool but implemented by the net/open/freeBSD and versions I could find in linux, had a huge difference in terms of code clarity.

I would not say that you were exactly wrong. Portability is not just
a matter of getting things to compile, and there are some features of
dbus that one would just as soon leave out when re-implementing it.

Well, maybe dbus itself is not portable, nor clean (I said maybe. Code cleanness is a matter of opinion, and I only have read 2 source files just now) but if there is another implementation around, then at least what it provides can be provided in other systems, eventually in a cleaner way.

Just curious, what's the name of this alternative? I would like to see if it could replace the original, or why not taking a quick look at it's source code. Just to build my own opinion.

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