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Re: Migrating GTK+ project to windows

Le 27.11.2014 07:35, Kevin O'Gorman a écrit :
On Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 9:02 AM, "Morel Bérenger"  wrote:

Le Mar 18 novembre 2014 16:51, Kevin O'Gorman a écrit :
> I have a project that I'd like to migrate to Windows.  I'll
likely be
> using Windows 8.1.

GTK+ is portable, or at least that what was said last time I
checked so I
do not see the point in migrating anything.
I think you should start on downloading the installers on the
official GTK

> It was originally developed on debian-based distros,

If it were written in a non-portable way, then you might have hard
if you are not experienced enough in programming.

> I make it with code::blocks normally.  I have code::blocks on
my Windows
> machine, but not GTK+, and I've gotten confused by the
documentation of
> how to put GTK+ there too.  Too many choices,

Well, I would start by going of official website, and download the
for your targeted platform. There are not that many choices.

> and some have failed
> outright, but in cryptic fashion.

What have you tried, and how did it failed?
Sorry for the delay.

Did not had time to check my mails since weeks.

So I redid it.

I have downloaded the all-in-one GTK 2.24 bundle
from http://www.gtk.org/download/win32.php [2] and unzipped to C:GTK
I have added C:GTKbin to %PATH%
I have configured GTK and run gtk-demo successfully

I created a new GTK project in code::blocks and compiled the main.c
that code::blocks puts in by default.
I have attempted to run it, but I get a dialog that says
libglib-2.0-0.dll is missing from my computer.  It is.  There are
.lib things, but precious few .dll things in C:GTKlib 

IIRC, you will need to add gtk lib in your project's path. It should be something like, right click on your project, build options, libraries (look at both include and linkage).

C::B should be able to create a project from scratch with those things, too.

PS: no need to CC me, just sending to list is enough

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