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9p/plumber to replace D-Bus?

I almost tagged this off-topic but it's directed toward ordinary Debian
users (with developer backgrounds). I first raised this on modular-debian but I want to get some ideas from a wider audience.

I'm starting to get familiar with Plan 9 and D-Bus, to compare how they
try to solve the same set of problems.

Plan 9 concepts attempt to solve Unix problems in a very different
way than Opendesktop.org. For people wanting to return to the original
Unix concepts, 9p/plumber (or an updated version) seems like a natural
fit going forward, for basic IPC purposes. 9p is already in Linux, and
probably could be ported to the other Debian ports.

I realize I just have to convince millions of people to re-plumb their
core OS in a short period of time, but recent history teaches us that it
that this is entirely feasible! Thus emboldened, I would even deign to give users a choice in the matter, but realistically, this would
probably be an experimental project.

Could an IPC bridge/shim mechanism connect to a new IPC model while apps
and DE's migrate from D-Bus, or support both optionally? I can see an
updated version of Plumber might be needed, and things might be
simplified by other aspects of the Plan 9 paradigm, like per-process
namespaces and treating everything as a file. Multi-seat PC and other
anachronisms probably have to go away.

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