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Re: Skipping fsck during boot with systemd?

On 20141211_1257+0200, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
> On Mi, 10 dec 14, 15:32:55, Jape Person wrote:
> > 
> > But that information plus the linked items (in the info output) grub-reboot
> > and grub-editenv may get me started toward a solution.
> I just thought of a different approach, using the fact that one can 
> manipulate the "Maximum mount count" without having to umount the 
> filesystem: write a script that always sets the "Maximum mount count" to 
> '0' or '-1' late during the boot (e.g. via rc.local or @reboot in the 
> crontab).
> With this one can easily trigger a manual check on the next reboot with 
> a simple:
>     tune2fs -c 1 /dev/sdXY

If one were to put the following line into /etc/rc.local:
   tune2fs -l /dev/sdXY
where whould the output go? In particular could it be directed
to a place that is easily noticed by the owner/user of the computer?

Paul E Condon           

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