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Re: Skipping fsck during boot with systemd?

On Mi, 10 dec 14, 08:53:08, tv.debian@googlemail.com wrote:
> All this just because you
> won't admit that systemd took away a feature, and that it is systemd's
> business to bring it back.

Mmm, I'll have to chime in here. The fact is, systemd never implemented 
this feature, while your statement sounds like this did work at some 
time but those evil systemd developers disabled it on purpose, which I'm 
sure is not you intention :)

Also, the systemd developers have no obligation whatsoever to implement 
any particular feature, regardless if that particular feature was 
implemented by sysvinit or not.

To (try to) get back on topic, due to the freeze it's quite obvious that 
even if a patch implementing this would be made available today it won't 
make it into Jessie, so if you care about this and consider using Jessie 
with systemd your best bet at the moment are workarounds.

Speaking of which, did anyone here test the two proposed in the Fedora 

1. Add "Conflicts=shutdown.target" to the [Unit] section of 

This should at least make Ctrl-Alt-Del work, not sure what happens on 
next reboot though (is the fsck counter reset?).


2. Add "StandardInput=tty" to fsck@.service.

In theory this should allow cancellation of the fsck, but might have 
undesired effects if a fsck is started after boot is completed (with 
'systemctl start fsck@<device>'?).

If somebody intends to test this it should probably be done on a spare 
machine and with partitions that you can afford to loose.


Of course, there's also the option of completely disabling automatic 
fsck (there are several ways to do this), as I understand is the default 
for new enough filesystems. This would make more sense for me on systems 
with bad power (you'd still get the "bad shutdown" check).

Kind regards,
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