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Re: Skipping fsck during boot with systemd?

On Mi, 10 dec 14, 09:29:17, The Wanderer wrote:
> For such a user, this is not a systemd-centric question; it is a
> Debian-centric one, and the responsibility of having caused it and for
> fixing it is on Debian. Debian chose to switch to systemd, and that
> switch introduced this bug; it is therefore Debian's "fault" that this
> regression occurred, and Debian's responsibility to see to it that the
> regression is fixed.
In my not so humble opinion, one should be using such a switch to 
re-examine one's setup, practices, etc. You might discover some 
"interesting" stuff. As far as I'm concerned:

1. I'll be looking into disabling periodic checks on all my ext4 
partitions[1], in line with the not so new mkfs defaults.

2. As has been pointed out in this thread, interrupting or completely 
skipping the check after unclean umount is *dangerous* and can lead to 
data loss. If you get one of these while you're on battery power it's 
probably a good time to think if your backup strategy is good enough[2].

3. If one can afford the additional downtime a full fsck as part of 
regular maintenance *might* make sense. E.g. I could imagine on kernel 
upgrades (which force a reboot anyway) one boots up with the new kernel, 
check everything is working fine and then reboots a second time with 

[1] the only other filesystem I'm (still) using is xfs, which doesn't do 
this anyway
[2] and start praying if it isn't

Kind regards,
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