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Re: About Testing Freeze and KDE

B. M. wrote:
> The Wanderer a écrit :
> > I understood him as asking why freeze testing with a version which
> > excludes the latest bug fixes, when a newer version which includes them
> > is available. This is not the same as asking why freeze testing with a
> > version which is not the newest version.
> > 
> > IOW, if version 2.2.4 of a program is packaged, and upstream releases
> > version 2.3.0 after the freeze, it might be reasonable to stick with
> > 2.2.4 in preparing testing for release - but if upstream releases 2.2.5
> > as a bugfix release for the 2.2.x line after the freeze (even if
> > upstream has not released 2.3.0 yet), shouldn't 2.2.5 be included in
> > testing, as part of preparing testing for release?
> > 
> > I think that's a reasonable sort of question. There might be solid
> > answers to it, reasons why it would be better to stick with 2.2.4 rather
> > than include 2.2.5 in the release, but so far I don't think the thread
> > is providing them.
> That's exactly what I was asking for!

Good!  Then you saw that I did answer your question!  :-)

As I said...  The reason that KDE 4.14.3 isn't in Jessie is because
when Jessie froze KDE 4.14.2 was the latest available.  KDE 4.14.3 was
announced on 2014-Nov-11 several days *after* the freeze on
2014-Nov-05.  That was after the freeze.  At the time of the freeze
KDE 4.14.3 *did not exist*.  Asking why 4.14.3 isn't in Jessie is the
same question as asking why 4.14.4 isn't in Jessie.  Because 4.14.4
doesn't exist yet.

This is really an extremely simple case.  In order to get a newer
version of KDE into Jessie a) someone would need to package it into
Debian Unstable which I am sure will happen and b) the release team
would need to approve it into Jessie.  Unless the release team
approves it Jessie will release with the version that existed at the
time of the freeze.  Simple!


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