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Re: About Testing Freeze and KDE

On 12/10/2014 at 03:55 PM, Bob Proulx wrote:

> B. M. wrote:
>> Bob Proulx a écrit :

>> Thanks for the clarification, but in general I think I know how
>> Debian works. My question was more that I don't see why Debian
>> should use 4.14.2 or even 4.14.1 if upstream released 4.14.3 as
>> the last (bug fix) release before porting everything to frameworks.
>> Maybe this way of thinking is very KDE focused, maybe even on the
>> current situation, i.e. the transition to "KDE 5".
>> Put differently, I want to use a stable KDE during the next 2
>> years. This means KDE 4, not 5. But if upstream releases some bug
>> fixes (e.g. as 4.14.3), will they get backported to 4.14.2? Wheezy
>> uses 4.8.4, was that the last one before 4.9? Is everything at
>> exactly 4.8.4 (except PIM)?
> I see now you are asking why Testing is frozen.  You are asking why
> you have not yet seen a new KDE release in Testing yet.  I think
> that is the root of your question?  Is that right?  For the last two
> years you have been tracking Testing and new releases have been
> flowing through but now all of a sudden you have stopped seeing new
> versions appearing in Testing.  I think that is what I will read into
> your questions above.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

Presumably he'll correct me if I'm mistaken, but that is not the
question I understand him as asking.

I understood him as asking why freeze testing with a version which
excludes the latest bug fixes, when a newer version which includes them
is available. This is not the same as asking why freeze testing with a
version which is not the newest version.

IOW, if version 2.2.4 of a program is packaged, and upstream releases
version 2.3.0 after the freeze, it might be reasonable to stick with
2.2.4 in preparing testing for release - but if upstream releases 2.2.5
as a bugfix release for the 2.2.x line after the freeze (even if
upstream has not released 2.3.0 yet), shouldn't 2.2.5 be included in
testing, as part of preparing testing for release?

I think that's a reasonable sort of question. There might be solid
answers to it, reasons why it would be better to stick with 2.2.4 rather
than include 2.2.5 in the release, but so far I don't think the thread
is providing them.

   The Wanderer

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