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Re: Skipping fsck during boot with systemd?

It seems the discussion revolves around methods to disable an automatic fsck when it
is not wanted.

It went away from an obvious solution (^C a running fsck) and suggests compilcated and/or
convoluted workarounds, which have to be implemented or enabled proactively.

I want to get back to the root of the problem and claim, that I want to be able to interrupt *any* startup
command, not just fsck.


On one of my machines, which tracks "unstable", the reboot after an dist-upgrade would hang when it tried to bring up the network interfaces. It waited endlessly for the network to come up. No possibilty to interrupt that, or to get to a shell.
The only thing left was to hit the power button.

To get the machine to boot again, I had to enter the BIOS, disable the network card there, and reboot. After rebooting I disabled the interface in /etc/network/interfaces. Then I re-enabled the interface in the BIOS and after booting, I brought the interface up

Quite a dance instead of just typing "^C"....

(The problem disappeared after a few days or weeks, so it probably was a fallout on "unstable". At least, I don't remember that I changed something to fix it. Currently it's
booting fine with the interface enabled in /etc/network/interfaces.)


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