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Re: Skipping fsck during boot with systemd?

On 12/6/2014 5:58 AM, Mart van de Wege wrote:

Well, it is not as if fscks happen out of the blue. Either you weren't paying attention and you were hit with the periodic fsck, or you make a habit of doing dirty shutdowns, and you know the fsck is going to happen anyway.

Assuming your partitions are set to fsck every X number of days, unless you keep track of how many boots you
have done, I would say it is out of the blue.

Don't know when/where I was presented the option about how often the fsck should be ran, but I didn't want all my partitions set to fsck on the same day, so I chose a different number of days for each partition. Sometimes it might be 1 boot between, sometimes 28. That is assuming the X number of days setting didn't get reset to some
default along the way.
Yes, if you were not paying attention, it may feel as a surprise. And if
you are used to the bad habit of interrupting fsck, then not being able
to may feel as a bad surprise, but the problem is still *your* bad
Skipping one time because you are late for something doesn't make a habit.

Personally I'm more annoyed that instead of only sending me to single user mode if something is hinky with the root partition, now if I I forget to plug in one of my secondary drives, or delete a partition and don't take it out of
the fstab before I reboot, I am sent to a single user login.  D'oh.

Later, Seeker

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