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Re: Skipping fsck during boot with systemd?

> Look, if you reboot a laptop instead of suspending/hibernating it,
> sooner or later you're going to have to think "Hmm, it hasn't fscked for
> a while".  It shouldn't be a surprise when it does.

Actually, it's *always* a surprise.  These fsck happen at long enough
intervals, that I can never know if it was "4 months ago" or "7 months
ago", and neither can I remember which laptop/desktop has the delay set
to 172 days vs 194 days vs 98 days vs ...

So, yes, if I can't remember it happening last month I wouldn't find it
suspicious if it happens today, but maybe it actually won't happen for
another year and I wouldn't find it suspicious either.

> It is a small mistake, not worth bothering about, unless of course you
> persist in disclaiming your own responsibility and blaming your tools.

Having to wait half-an-hour just because the "do an fsck every once in
a while" happen to decide that "yeah, well, maybe we could do I today"
is just ridiculous.

The old "you can skip fsck by hitting C-c" was fine.  Preventing it is
obnoxious.  If they want to "clean up" the behavior, I could live with
a change such that when the time is up (either number of mounts, or time
since last fsck), the reboot could prompt the user (with a timeout since
there's always the chance that there's no human available to respond)
whether to perform the fsck this time or to postpone it to next reboot.


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