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Re: Headless server just got suspended by updating systemd

On 26/11/14 11:07, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> On 26/11/14 09:14, Chris Bannister wrote:
>> On Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 02:44:19AM +1100, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> Now, (I hope I'm not wrong on this.) It seems that the default GNOME
>> installation required a graphics card with hardware acceleration. How
>> stupid is that? It goes against the whole concept of a sensible default.

    It is our primary focus to build a modern operating environment,
platform, and user experience. It doesn't make sense to target the
hardware of the past. GNOME Shell uses relatively primitive 3D
capabilities that have been available from essentially all computing
devices made in the last four or five years. This includes most desktop
and laptop computers, mobile devices, phones, tablets, and netbooks.
Where there are exceptions, largely, there are bugs we can and should fix.

    So, the official plan is that people can still use the GNOME 2 shell
with GNOME 3 applications and libraries, if necessary, but this is a
transitional state, and to get the GNOME 3 experience, your computer
needs hardware acceleration.

> As does your question about a DE - 

(I decided to Google the answer).



Kind regards

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