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Re: Headless server just got suspended by updating systemd

On Wed, 26 Nov 2014 07:34:32 +0100
Erwan David <erwan@rail.eu.org> wrote:

> > 
> > It isn't a default, the Gnome3 GUI will not work without hardware
> > acceleration. In the beginning, after an upgrade, there was a
> > fallback to a sort of Gnome2 display, but minus all the panels,
> > icons etc. that had been there before the upgrade. The long-term
> > fallback is Xfce and other lightweights.
> So this means gnome now depends on non free drivers ?

I don't know. I'd have thought at least some accelerated cards have O/S
drivers, certainly my own Radeon driver is from Debian, and the
acceleration works. I don't play games, so I don't know how well it
works, but once I had discovered how to enable the acceleration I could
see the Gnome3 desktop. I still threw it away in favour of something
that needed fewer clicks to operate.

This was a few years ago, by the way.


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