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Re: Joey Hess is out?

* Nate Bargmann [Mon, Nov 17 2014, 07:46:48AM]:
> > Since systemd hatters usually fail on the second task, the rhetorical
> > arsenal is chosen accordingly (ad-hominem, trolling, misquoting, ...).
> Here is the crux of the problem in these discussions and that is the use
> of "haters" as an ad hominem as part of the shaming language directed at
> those with concerns.  It matters not who started it, but when one of the

There is no offensive of discriminatory meaning implied; you have read
my definition and that's how I apply it. Not more, not less.

> primary developers of systemd also engages in using this language to
> describe those who do have legitimate concerns, the discussion descends
> quickly into a non-productive direction especially when others follow
> his lead as being somehow acceptable.

If the final outcome is simply pidgeonholing into "those with us" vs.
"those against us" then I agree. But for somebody not participating in
this stupid holly wars about systemd this argument sounds somehow


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