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Re: Joey Hess is out?


Dňa Sat, 08 Nov 2014 16:03:46 +0100 Mart van de Wege
<mvdwege@gmail.com> napísal:

> Why don't the anti-systemd people do what they've been threatening the
> whole time and fuck off to another distro or to FreeBSD?

This is exact example why i stopped all my contribution to Debian, and
i will not start it again, despite if i stay with Debian in future or
not! I orphan my packages in near future.

If the community consider people which have another opinion as bad, it
is time do not contribute to it more. And whole debate is about one
idea: If you don't like systemd, you are stupid.

But consider, please, that this often mean, that you blame others by
own mistakes only. Hmm, another gmail user, NSA contributor...



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