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Re: [SOLVED] Re: inserting kernel modules on startup

On Jo, 24 iul 14, 20:15:43, Gary Dale wrote:
> Shouldn't each module be a self-contained configuration? If a module is
> needed, why should the configuration of a non-used module interfere? This
> strikes me as a design flaw, not a feature.

This is not really about modules, but about packages. As per policy a 
package is not allowed to change the configuration of another package, 
unless that package provides a standard interface of doing so. One of 
the most common interfaces is the .d directory, where *other* packages 
can install their own configuration.

This method allows the fglrx *package* to instruct 
module-init-tools/kmod to *not* load the radeon module, which would 
interfere with fglrx. The name of the file should be named such as to 
give a hint to the admin what package might have installed it.

It seems like you have been experimenting with fglrx in the past. No 
problem here, except that when you decided you don't need it anymore you 
should have purged (not removed) all packages.

Based on the name (and confirmed with apt-file) the file 
/etc/modprobe.d/fglrx-driver.conf the culprit is the fglrx-driver 
*package*, which you should probably purge.

Just as a side note, this package doesn't even contain the kernel 
module, that one is compiled by the fglrx-modules-dkms package.

Hope this explains,
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