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Re: I'm not a huge fan of systemd

On 7/21/14, Erwan David <erwan@rail.eu.org> wrote:
>> > 2) You have a specific syntax, and a specific semantics (what does
>> > ExecStart, WantedBy, etc mean), that one must learn in order to simply
>> > read this. The namles of the sections are also meaningfull. All this
>> > defines a full fledge langaue, and I did not find any comprehensive
>> > donc
>> > of the language. Each doc refers to 43 or 4 other docs who refers back
>> > to all the others, making things quite difficult to read when you need
>> > a
>> > complete doc and not only a reference on points that you already
>> > partially know.
>> You have to learn the syntax of any program in order to use it.
>> The LSB headers of a sysvinit script have to be learned.
> Yes. SO the argument "it is a simple text file not a shell script" uis
> false. It is as complicated to learn as a shell script.

Rubbish. Absolute rubbish! You are full of it!

They're declarative (shell scripts are imperative).
They have no control flow etc (they're declarative).
The number of constructs is trivial compared to shell scripts.
Shell scripts have so many gotchas, so many variants of syntax for the
same types of programming; there's just not comparison.

Erwan, you are full of it - you are spouting out and out crap!

I've been shell scripting for quite some years, have sub-routined a
bunch of my own bash library stuff, and still find it bloody
frustrating to try and read a sysvinit script - basically, just don't
do it! Read the service's man page, search bugs, or find out if
someone posted to debian-user already; no-where in my sequence of "why
is my service not working" is there anything other than a check of the
init script header (the part in a comment at the very top) to check
dependencies. I've tried many times and it's just not worth the pain.

Anyway, I keep getting suckered in by bullshit, so that's my stupidity!

Your assertions aimed at extracting intellectual energy from people
who ought be doing other things that reacting to your bullshit
assertions is the really sad part.

But such is life in PC CoC world.


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