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Re: Different behaviour handling NFS mounts after login

On Jo, 03 iul 14, 02:42:05, Bob Proulx wrote:
> I don't think user is valid for nfs mounts.  The user flag is usually
> for local media.  In any case it isn't in the list for nfs mount
> options.  Also neither is auto.  Same with _netdev.  Personally I am
> only using "async" and nothing more these days.  "intr" is okay.

From nfs(5):

    The intr / nointr mount option is deprecated after kernel 2.6.25.  
    Only SIGKILL can interrupt a pending NFS operation on these
    kernels, and if specified, this mount option is ignored to provide
    backwards compatibility with older kernels.

Besides, it's only for NFS versions 2 and 3.

I only use 'noatime', 'nofail' and '_netdev'. 'async' is default anyway.

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