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Re: Different behaviour handling NFS mounts after login

Am Thu, 03 Jul 2014 00:12:15 -0700 schrieb Joseph Loo:

>> rw,_netdev,hard,intr,user,nosuid,exec,async,auto
> You might want to try soft instead of hard.

Thanks for your tip. I will try it this evening.

I'm no NFS expert and I've "created" the mount entries a long time ago. 
The option "hard" was added because of the weakness of my first WLAN 
(years ago... now it is stable).

Why do you think that changing this option influences the behaviour of 

Do you have recommendations for "more modern" NFS mount options? I've 
already removed the entries of the buffer sizes. ;-) I'm not sure if 
"nosuid" or "user" are still necessary.

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