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Re: a simple script for restoring downloaded debs

songbird wrote on 07/19/2014 16:23:
> Jörg-Volker Peetz wrote:
>> Why not copy all files back and order something like "apt-get autoclean" to get
>> rid of the older packages?
>   it's a rather huge archive (i think about 18000 
> debs), but yes that would be another way of doing
> it.  i think the flaw is that you would lose the
> local, obsolete or debs from unofficial sources
> that you no longer keep in the sources.list (but
> i would have to verify this).
Yes, you would lose them.

>   the script looks to have gotten the job mostly
> done.  i've added a bit to copy my local, obsolete
> and unofficial debs back from another archive and
> i think what remains are those debs that i somehow
> missed archiving.  sometimes i have to get files
> via the library and USB stick.
>   songbird

A note on your scipt:

If you build a pipe of grep, sed, and awk, it can often be done just with awk.
E.g., your line

  debname=`apt-cache show $pkgname=$version | egrep '^Filename: ' | sed -e
's/^Filename: //' | awk --field-separator='/' -e '{print \$NF}'`

could be written as something like

  debname=$(apt-cache show $pkgname="$version" | awk '/^Filename: /
{sub(".*/","", $2) ; print $2}')

saving the call of egrep and sed.

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