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Re: Different behaviour handling NFS mounts after login

Joerg Desch wrote:
> Am Thu, 03 Jul 2014 00:12:15 -0700 schrieb Joseph Loo:
> >> rw,_netdev,hard,intr,user,nosuid,exec,async,auto
> >>
> > You might want to try soft instead of hard.
> Thanks for your tip. I will try it this evening.

Warning.  Using "soft" can cause silent data corruption.

  $ man 5 nfs

   soft / hard
         Determines the recovery behavior of the NFS client after an
         NFS request times out.  If neither option is specified (or
         if  the  hard  option  is specified),  NFS  requests  are
         retried indefinitely.   If the soft option is specified, then
         the NFS client fails an NFS request after retrans
         retransmissions have been sent, causing the NFS client to
         return an error to the calling application.

         NB: A so-called "soft" timeout can cause silent data
         corruption in certain cases. As such, use the soft option
         only when client responsiveness is more important than data
         integrity.  Using NFS over TCP or increasing the value of the
         retrans option may mitigate some of the risks of using the
         soft option.

After seeing soft used and seeing the problems it can create I
strongly recommend avoiding it.

> Why do you think that changing this option influences the behaviour of 

I am curious about that too.  :-)

> Do you have recommendations for "more modern" NFS mount options? I've 
> already removed the entries of the buffer sizes. ;-) I'm not sure if 
> "nosuid" or "user" are still necessary.

I don't think user is valid for nfs mounts.  The user flag is usually
for local media.  In any case it isn't in the list for nfs mount
options.  Also neither is auto.  Same with _netdev.  Personally I am
only using "async" and nothing more these days.  "intr" is okay.

But I am also not sure what you are asking.  Initially you wrote:

> Two of the machines opens Nautilus after each login. Neither the other
> installation of Debian nor a remaining MINT installations shows this
> behaviour.
> What's the problem here? Should I change something in the mount
> options?
> Or is this a setting within GNOME?

So the problem is that Nautilus opens after a login?  I don't see how
that is related to NFS.  How would NFS mount options cause Nautilus to
automatically start up at login time?  That sems like an autostart
configuration of GNOME.  If you are wanting to prevent that then I
would concentrate on looking there.


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