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Re: Replacement for dspam

Am Freitag, 18. Juli 2014, 21:23:20 schrieb Erwan David:
> >> This does not seem to scale well with different spam/ham token set per
> >> user.> 
> > Huh? Just copy the CRM114 folder to another home and empty the spam/ham
> > token  files?
> In my setup there are no home dir, no users on server.  spam
> classification must happen before delivery, and spam must not be
> rejected by put somewhere where the user may retrieve it. Losing one
> legitimate mail is not an option.
> Everything runs under same uid, the one of email managing account on
> server.

Well, I crasped that you have quite different requirements. I didn´t initially. 
I just use this as my setup on my server VM for my own purposes. Except of me 
just one more user and all UNIX accounts.

Obviously if you serve more users this would not scale that nicely.

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